Crop of #WIP colour pop portrait..


My Etsy shop is back open & I’ll get to add prints etc. over the coming weeks! Thanks to all my lovely customers for being very chilled about these last 3 weeks off.. I’m ready to pick up that brush & get started on lots of new work! For now, please enjoy my instagram stories from my gorgeous friends wedding last weekend! #STELVI


Just wanted to wish a Happy Anniversary to these two, posing here for my sister with ‘Satchmo Spirit’.. We love you BIG TIME! X


It was a busy few weeks in Greece catching up with friends & family, so not much time for art! However I’m always subconsciously inspired by colour when I return to the studio & I think I finally understand why! Thessaloniki is a city of tagging, like a body covered in tattoos; if there is a surface someone will cover it, if I’d stood still long enough.. Also I’ve totally spammed my instagram stories with some holiday videos, apologies but it’s only for the next 24 hours! BIG LOVE!




Timelapse for Freddie coming to YouTube soon!


Grids & drips.. #wip


Orders en route, so I think my shop is going to shut early! Thanks everyone muchos LOVE!


I miss Queen’ing with Freddie already- but doesn’t he look FAB in his new home at @solarframe LOVE HIM- timelapse coming soon!! As always, @harrismoorecanvases delivered thee most beautiful canvas for this piece! THANKS GUYS!


Just thought I’d mention I’m buggering off shortly for some sun, sea & greek food! If you’re planning on ordering any prints or purchasing an original online, you have till Thursday before I shut my shop down for the getaway! Here are some cows to help spark inspiration & ‘George’, very kindly sent in from a lovely customer! HAPPY FRIYAY EVERYONE! Especially to Peri mou who missed Bank Holiday & hasn’t had a day off in ages, you’re my grafter!!


When lovely, lovely people take time out of their day to send photos of your work in their home! Huge thanks Kate! PS. Your home looks amazing! X


My mini gallery! You can find a few of these works on my ETSY page.. or why not commission something of your own!


It’s Friday and it’s a bank holiday for some, so I think that’s the perfect time to share this LIVE-LIFE-LARGE work from @marinacapdevila . I absolutely adore her work, it draws me in, it makes me smile, they’re cheeky, wonderful, huge street murals in real life & ever since I saw your old ladies heading for concrete beach .. I’ve just been in awe. Plus your colours are just perfect! BIG LOVE & I’m wishing everyone a fab bank holiday X


BOO BOO BEE DOO, Pinstripe Marilyn 💁 SHOP ON ETSY 




When you get fresh pots made! That’s why I can tailor make any paint for your commission to perfectly match your home


I’ve got packs of 10 x Royal Wedding postcards at £5 each; If anyone is interested in sending them or using them as bunting decor on the day, let me know & I can arrange 1st Class Royal Mail postage in the next 2 days! International purchases welcome, but I can’t guarantee early arrival! P&P will vary. Message for a quote.. #goldenhour 🌸


*GIVEAWAY* Guys… it’s here & I bloody love it! This will be attending the Royal Wedding with me & I’ll be waving it like a nutter during the carriage procession, look out for it on the tele.. 😉I’ll be giving this away right after, along with some Royal Wedding postcards & maybe an inflatable crown for anyone who’d like this Royal package! Comment on my > social media post < who you’d gift this too or if you want your own for the big day- visit ArtWow 👑💚 Giveaway competition also running on other social media platforms! Have a smashing week!! X


So I’m getting round to uploading work on Etsy, learning how it works etc. Any tips from fellow Etsy users would be much appreciated, as would your ‘💚’ on the site!


Well that was a rather long, lovely, sunny break! I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weather!! Somehow I caught myself a cold in all that sunshine, so I took a few extra days offline.. plus I was loving the Harry & Megs post! Here is a cheeky Thursday work in progress crop, bring on FRIYAY! #WIP


*GIVEAWAY* READ ON..So, I’m flipping chuffed that I manage to incorporate fancy dress so much into my job, it’s literally been my favourite thing since I was little, I mean I dress in a pink onesie everyday for goodness sake; the neighbours, for sure laugh when I put my bins out! Anyhoo, now I’m an official Windsor resident, this absolutely had to be done! So I put on my crown & threw some confetti (a billion times before my self timer was on point ‍♀️) to celebrate launching my Royal Wedding products on Art Wow .. I mean check out anyone who buys that deck chair for the big day … I’m going to giveaway the T-Towel next week to anyone who’s keen for one, because it’s literally got Grandma-Commemorative-Chic written ALL over it! I ordered mine today & I cannot bloody wait to wave that as Harry & Megs parade by! Wishing you all a smashing bank holiday & sorry for the waffle as per. #HarryandMeghan


Happy Birthday to this beautiful soul & icon Miss Hepburn! 

I’ve not painted her since 2016, but she’s one of my favourites to put in exhibitions/pop ups etc. Here you’ll see a few versions of her and you can also check out the making of ‘Pink Audrey’ on my YouTube channel! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.“ Audrey Hepburn



So I’m late, actually too late, posting for Tuesday.. oops! But it’s been a long day, ending in opening my Etsy shop! If you’ve got any tips for a newbie, I’d be happy to hear them! Catch you all tomorrow..


So here’s a different kind of commission tonight; The aim was to use “The Wolf” as a motivational Salesman for the office! A few specifics had to be included for the client, but I really like how he’s turned out & I hope he’ll help set that Monday morning mindset right at the start of the week!! #MondayMotivation



Sitting in the sun with Freddie, self timer game strong as usual.. ‍♀️#soclose Wishing you all a lovely weekend! X


When in Windsor..


Only a few days left of the exhibition! Thank you to everyone who’s been in If you want to have a browse online & order yourself a MOOTIFUL print here! Also HUGE thanks to The Corner for having me- they’re bloody ace! Definitely worth a facebook like & visit!! 



Today was grids for the new commissions… bet you can’t guess who! FACT 1 I use a Carpet Cover Door Strip for the job. FACT 2 I hate doing gridsBut I’M DONE Wishing you a lovely evening! L x




After many requests over the last few years I finally got round to it, I’d like you to meet my sunbathing partner today! Hope you’re all having a GLORIOUS time! #BackInThe80s


Happiness in a photo..


That sunshine is creeping in..


Peekaboo Monday..


He’s coming along.. #Freddie


Throwing back to an oldie but goodie!! ⚡Click to buy!


80’s A is for, B is for.. #BackInThe80s #80sAlphabet


‘Tyson’ sitting outside in the sun today, scaring the neighbours.. Happy FriYAY All, have a great weekend!


Guess who..? #WhenInWindsor



Everything is commissions at the moment that I can’t share, I can’t film outside for the rain.. So I’m finishing up for the night and enjoying the fact that when friends come round they bring you wine Cheers Liza, Cheers Judy!


Wishing you all a delightful Easter Sunday! #EasterWeekend #EasterSunday




Today is #NationalTheatreDay so here is my favourite theatre & some behind the scenes snaps from productions I was in a zillion years ago.. Oh & you can also catch the making of this painting on my YouTube channel! What’s your favourite theatre? #GrandTheatre #Blackpool


Red & Green SING next to each other! #ArtFacts Hoping to share a few more progress shots along the way of this commission!


Happy FRIYAY everyone!
So firstly I’m an idiot & only just realised that Reviews is a thing on Facebook.. & how to activate it!
I’d love to make up for lost time as the page is about 5 years old now & if I could take up 2 minutes of your evening I’d be mega grateful! LINK HERE
Secondly here is a current commission.. anyone guess who it’s about to be?..
Wishing you all a FAB weekend!  BIG LOVE


Happy to be able to share a commission from last year, my portrait of Leonard Cohen!
‘Cohen’ 30″x40″, Emulsion & Marker Pen.


Lots of lovely prints for your home or workplace!



This gorgeous girl #MeatFreeMonday #LoveAnimals #BeKind


I’m working on a map to show where my artwork ended up! This includes originals, prints & some postcards! I’ve included those I know of.. or can remember ‍♀️ If you have anything from me & you’re not sure I’ve got you listed, I’d love to hear from you! It always blows my mind that someone has artwork of mine on their walls & this map will be a very grateful reminder of just how far I’ve come & how far I still want to go! You’re all the best!! Hope you’ve managed to keep warm on this snowy “Spring” weekend & fingers crossed for a warmer week to come! Happy Sunday all.. BIG LOVE  


Unpacking the beautiful Harris Moore Canvases Ltd brings me great joy, note 35 seconds in, oh & thank you sunshine for making an appearance today!


Throw back to Lennon with some wise words.. that aren’t his. Tomorrow is FriYAY! Have a good one everyone!


“Remember to look up at the stars..” RIP #StephenHawking #RIPStephenHawking


Here is the finished portrait started during a live demonstration session for Windsor Art Group, my sitter being the groups lovely organiser Graham. I filmed the remaining work for the group to see how he developed; it will be on my YouTube channel soon, along with my first voiceover Hope you all like this painting & thanks again for having me WAG! #LiveDemonstration #LiveArt



Well that was one long show.. RIP Sir Ken! I honestly thought you’d keep going forever! I’ve got just a handful of these to send out to any fans- hopefully they’ll give the postman a smile!

You’ve provided so many laughs over the years and I’m pleased to say you were officially my 200th painting, made for ‘The Comedians’ exhibition at The Grand Theatre  #RIPKenDodd


Wishing all the Mamma’s a fabulous weekend for Mother’s Day & for the single Dad’s who’ve been doing it all along! Hope you get spoilt rotten <3 <3 #MothersDay 


HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! To celebrate I’m giving a 20%-24-hour-discount on these ROCKSTAR ladies! SHOP HERE!


Cheeky little Primary School visit for a David Hockney forest collage session back in January! Mural next time 😉 


‘CCLXVII’ | £300.00 Emulsion & Marker Pen, on 36” x 24” canvas. My 67th Cow now hanging out at The Cartford Inn waiting to meet you! ..she’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!


Don’t forget Mother’s Day this Sunday! Link to shop in bio, orders by tomorrow to guarantee arriving on time!


We made the drive in the snow & I’m back with my Mamma! Stay safe everyone! I am so lucky to Heifer Mother like you!


I’ve made a lovely little video to introduce this print, but as I’ve used a track that I don’t own the copyright to, Facebook have muted it & all audio is lost! Bugger! I’m going to try & upload it anyway on my Instagram stories, till I’ve fixed the problem and I can share it on social soon!
So here is the launch of my Mother’s Day Print, ‘CCLXIX’ | “I’m so lucky to Heifer Mother like you!”
It’s the first to feature a cow & calf, and it might just be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any Mum’s who have been after one of my prints! Don’t forget March 11th!
Here’s the link to buy.. (I’m assuming you’re all indoors scrolling FB in slippers, hugging hot water bottles on this snow day too?!?)
BIG LOVE! #MothersDay

My Moo-ther’s Day special being papped today.. get ready for the prints!


Put em up! #WizardOfOz


24″ Square.

Emulsion & Marker Pen on Canvas.


Currently working on new members of my herd & trying out some new compositions.. #squadgoals


So it was Windsor’s Contemporary Art Fairs preview night where I sold my ‘Smiling Jagger’ portrait; I had a glorious evening & I just want to wish everyone who’s opening tonight at Surrey Contemporary Art Fair all the best!


A few shots from todays studio! Starting with my canvas storage, then posting out another limited ‘George’ print in his custom made mount, next a couple of crops from a painting I’m currently working on and finally a selection of my colourful paint drawer! Have a smashing evening!


I stand with Emma Gonzalez ✊Its time for change! If you’ve not seen her speech yet, get on YouTube! Inspiring, powerful & trumps everything that comes out of the Oompa Loompa’s mouth. “To every politician who is taking donations from NRA.. SHAME ON YOU” 


Here I’m sharing with you the distinct and curious photography of Dawn Mander; I’d love 2018 to include more segments from the arty lot that inspire me! I find Dawn has a special talent in capturing the normality of her surroundings in a raw and beautiful way, plus she’s just super cool. I have two of her pieces in my home because they transport me to other places and times, so go and check her out! (Links Below!)

“Always try to stay unnoticed when shooting on the street, prime lens, no big camera bags, clothes that will allow me to fit in and blend with the public, never staying for too long in one place and practically marking a path in the well worn streets that I often walk.” Dawn Mander, Aug 2017



‘Liam’ & ‘Noel’ original canvases in Emulsion & Marker Pen  #GallagherBros


Happy Chinese New Year!! As it’s the year of the dog, I thought I’d share a few of my commissions from the last 5 years as each were so special to work on!  #YearoftheDog


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who purchased ‘Always & Forheifer’ for today.. in the most ridiculous way possible, you’re the bomb! Sending my love & pink balloons to you all!  #ValentinesDay #GalentinesDay #PalentinesDay


Just hanging out with my Parma Violet Bull, in my pink boiler suit, thanks @asos that’s my painting gear for 2018 sorted!


Good Evening All! So I’ve cobbled together a mixture of images from last week that I didn’t upload due to being poorly! My zombie state of mind didn’t feel the most articulate, so I saved them all up for a Monday-Night-One-Hit-Wonder right now- enjoy!!

1. Monday night, as promised SolarFrame, I watched Roy Orbison’s Black & White Night in preparation for the next “After Hours” paintings on beautiful @Harris Moore Canvases Ltd (which arrived safe & sound Tuesday!) I’ve still got ‘Ooby Dooby’ in my head!
2. Tuesday had a couple of events, one being Bob Marley‘s birthday, so here are a few paintings I’ve done of the legend! Secondly I was invited by Windsor Art Group to do a live portrait demonstration, even though I croaked & coughed through it, you were a lovely, lively & curious bunch who I’ll be keeping in touch with- BIG LOVE for having me!
3. This last few weeks saw a huge spike in online print sales with maybe a few events like Valentines/Galentines & Mother’s Day helping out! I also got some custom made mounts delivered too for my very limited ‘George’ prints (they’re beaut!) & I continued refreshing my website; this week was Lionel’s turn on my contacts page.. I love him & his giant inflatable phone!
4. Thursday I had a little more energy & I wanted to get painting this gorgeous Parma Violet esq. Bull. Not finished- but getting there!
5. Then Friday saw this commission sketch start to build up, just awaiting confirmation to get cracking on painting these two cherubs for their parents home.. too cute! It’s also on custom made emulsion paint to match their interior perfectly! Keep an eye out over the next few weeks to see the finished article!

So sorry I missed last week, but that’s your lot! Today has been catching up on emails, ordering stock & chugging Beechams like there’s no tomorrow! Fingers crossed I wake up fighting fit in the morning!


I love it when customers stumble on a piece, that happens to be just the right colour & just the right size, for that spot in their home that’s been waiting for something bold. Have an udderly fantastic weekend everybody! ✌️#WhenAPlanComesTogether


Tomorrow is FriYay- how the heck did that happen?! So just a cheeky share before that weekend feeling starts to kick in. Meet the gorgeous ‘Molly Dog’! Commissioned to match the exact paint of the clients home- but still adding a zing of my style by opting to paint her scrummy face in purple tones! Isn’t she beaut?!! Plus swipe left to see some progress shots.. ok that’s all, you can crack on with your evenings now! #PugPortrait


Hey peaches! So I’m taking the pre orders for my blushing gal, ‘CCLXV’ “Always & Forheifer” Valentines/Galentines Cow- just click on the images below to BUY!

Oh she’s a bloody dream, so start sending those hints/links now, because seriously everyone has a pandora bracelet already! ..also HUGS to everyone who has been buying the discount postcard packs! I still have a few available! So just drop me a DM if you’re interested! BIG LOVE, L x #Valentines #Galentines




So my postcards are almost finished having their little re brand, which has left me with a few of the current stock that want homes… would anyone be interested in some discounted multi packs? I’ve got a lovely Herd I’m thinking of putting together!! Also just wanted to share these Queens, cuz they’re awesome ladies ‍♀️


‘CCLXIV’ number 64 in the Cow collection & unBULLievably ready to mesMOOrise you at The Cartford Inn (Lancashire) from today!


Evening All! So the ‘After Hours’ collection have been uploaded to my YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure! Here’s ‘After Hours Presley’ hanging out in his home at @solarframe but you can watch him come to life (plus the others) by clicking the link! It just directs you to the playlist on my YouTube Have a lovely evening, BIG love


‘CCLXIII’ number 63 in the collection! I’ve been thinking how I’d like to go back to naming each cow like I did in my first years! Though I think I better reach a 100 first & the roman numerals do give customers free reign to title their own! Anyhoo..isn’t this pastel girl pretty?! #Pastels


Anyone else still rocking their @contemporaryartfairs tote? Mine has been full since November ..I should probably have a clear out! Also I think my studio needs more plants, anyone? #WindsorArtFair


So I’m slightly smug about the sketch I’ve made for my website ‘contacts page’ Lionel will be papped soon & make his debut on my site next week.. when I stop laughing at myself.


‘Always & Forheifer’ ..the almost finished valentines cow, a blushing pink beauty & I’m a little bit smitten! She will be available soon in prints & post cards, because I just flipping love cows!


Say hello to dancing MJ, now moon walking around #Doncaster Time-lapse videos to come on my YouTube channel soon, along with the rest of the ‘After Hours..’ series! Who sits above your bed?!  


Who wants DM’ing when the limited edition ‘Sassy Frida’ prints (£32.00) go live online tomorrow then..?!? Hope this makes your Monday’s that little sweeter my little Frida-ritas  “I paint flowers so they will not die.” 


MOOve over a slide to see who bought this lovely cow.. coming soon in Print form! She’s brand MOO, she’s UDDERly fantastic, I even HERD she’s worth drinking champers with right? Thank you Sally for sending me this fab photo!! #CowSelfie #FriendsNotFood


Say hello to these butter-wouldn’t-melt cherubs ‘Abbey & Mollie’ commissioned as a birthday gift straight from a home photo ..aren’t they flipping adorable??! I just loved the photograph composition & text on Mollies T-shirt, it was just waiting to be turned into a painting & now I can finally share the finished piece! Thank you Jackson family!


So sticking with the pet portrait theme, here is ‘CAT’ from 2016 meeting Cat & swipe to see Cat from 2018 Lion King style it’s the circle of LIFEEEEEEE..


I’d like you all to meet ‘Louis’.. this gorgeous boy was a private commission, along with a limited set of prints for Christmas gifts! Here is the original, you’ll also see Louis meet ‘Louis’ & some progress shots. I’m so grateful to work on such personal commissions.. just look at that bow tie ! BIG LOVE to the Burchkard family & thank you for the photo!!



Happy Birthday DB!! Here is my first portrait of you from 2015. On what would have been his 71st Birthday, it’s fair to say we all miss you.. ⚡️


Well someone is having a Frida moment.. & why not with a cheeky 15% off! I love seeing photos of you with my art work.. it makes me SO happy! ☺️

Treat yourself to that new phone case or help save the planet with a Tote bag for your next supermarket trip! 

Find so many exciting artists to browse on! “Feet what do I need you for when I have wings to fly.”


Meet ‘Piglet’ a very special Christmas commission & my first piggy portrait! Pigs were my Nana’s favourite animal, she literally had 100s of them in her house.. I’m sure she’d have been after a painting herself! I’m so happy with how this little fella turned out & it makes me smile no end, that this was a Christmas commission for someones Nan! #Piglet


This year I decided to get involved with social media platform Instagram’s “Best Nine” of the year, of which the below is a brief comment on why I picked each photograph. Any tags below are linked to each users Instagram account should you wish to give them a follow!! Enjoy..

It’s really tough to pick a top 9, so I’m cheating a little bit with a bit of doubling up, but here’s my selection from 2017’s #BESTBITS ! 

1. Kicking off the year with the artwork for the wonderful @shaun_preston ‘s debut album!

2. Finally seeing one of my favourites work in real life @andrew.salgado.artist #BIGLOVE!

3. Having deep chats with two greats, @tangerineartco & @robinprint at the Best of Blackpool exhibit in @kosmonautmcr bar! Always a pleasure.. ☺️

4. Painting my first exterior mural with @perrierjouet & adding to their ever growing collection, the lovely lot at @thecadebypubrestaurant

5. The unreal but amazing feeling of shipping more originals & prints around the world than any year prior! Big love to @cartfordinn for being a part of that & @heskethpressig for making my work look so damn good on paper! I’m looking forward to growing my online shop even bigger in a few weeks time!

6. Thank you to the awesome @solarframe & @st16_gts for my biggest canvas commission to date, & allowing me the opportunity to literally send the text “Elvis has left the building.” Your timelapses are coming soon I promise!

7. I have to share ‘After Hours Amy’ for being the most liked/shared painting of 2017- she’s a special one @st16_gts

8. The mega opportunity and learning experience that was @windsorcontemporaryartfair & the group behind @contemporaryartfairs for being so supportive & lovely & successful! I took the plunge & you couldn’t have paid off more! Plus this live demonstration has already secured my second demo in the diary for 2018! I was lucky to meet so many inspiring artists that I’ll be following up with in the NY & hopefully crossing paths with again! All the success to you in 2018!

9. Finally the moment I moved house and went to my local newsagents to find I’d made it into not one, but two newspaper articles! I’m pretty sure these will be stuck to my fridge forever! Thanks @windsorsloughexpress & @visitwindsoruk for getting me in there! 

So, if you read through all of that, huge love your way! There are SO many other people that have been integral to my year, but for the purposes of #bestnine here’s your lot & here’s hoping 2018 can top that! #HappyNewYear


⭐️HAPPY NEW YEARS LOVES⭐️ Hope you all saw in 2018 with smiles on your faces! My NY’s resolutions are ‘ART’ & ‘HEART’ throwing myself into work to make sure I have my biggest year yet! Plus I want to make sure I’m looking after my health & my loves! Since moving to the other end of the country, I’ve found the importance of nourishing relationships & I’m ready to up my game this year! Thank you my Π, for supporting my dreams & I’m so glad you’re living yours! This year is going to be an absolute ball with you by my side! I wish you all happiness, health & to find time to always be kind. #HappyNewYear #NewYearsResolutions